Department of Social Protection

Intreo - Integrated welfare and employment service

Implementation year

In 2011, during a period when unemployment increased by over 300%, delivery of employment and welfare services was fragmented across three organizations.

Unemployed customers dealt separately with each organization. As a result customer service processes were inefficient and employment outcomes for clients were poor. Intreo was the response to this challenge, involving:

  • Development and communication of a clear business strategy.
  • Merger of three large organizations.
  • Integration of the services and staff of these organizations.
  • Design and implementation of new service processes.
  • Implementation of client profiling to prioritize resource allocation.
  • Delivery of all these services in ‘one-stop-shops’ – Intreo Centres.
  • Transaction processing times reduced from three weeks to about three days.
  • Lead time for engagement with employment services has reduced from at least three months to about two weeks.
  • Persistence rate from short to long tem unemployment has reduced from 35% to 26%.
  • Progression rate of very long term unemployed people has increased from 25% to 44%.
Governance and administration
Service quality