ISSA Webinar

ISSA Webinar: Enhancing efficiency and customer services through advanced process automation

17 juin 2020 | Virtual

ISSA Webinar

ISSA Webinar: Enhancing efficiency and customer services through advanced process automation

17 juin 2020 | Virtual

Wednesday 17 June 2020, 16:00–17:00 (UTC/GMT+2 or CEST)

Language: English

In order to enhance efficiency and customer services, social security institutions have increasingly applied process automation techniques, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This can reduce potential bottlenecks due to high volumes of repetitive but tailored tasks, and help social security institution face unexpected peaks of operations.

The COVID-19 crisis has not only further reinforced the importance of implementing efficient digitalized customer services but has also shown how some types of operations may grow unexpectedly in very short delays.

While having a great potential to improve operations, the application of advanced process automation techniques can be challenging due to technological complexities as well as the limited application in social security.

The webinar will discuss these challenges and practical experiences in implementing advanced process automation. In addition to analysing lessons learnt in light of customer services during the COVID-19 crisis, the webinar will also point to ISSA products and services that support member institutions in this context.


Doug Woodworth Doug Woodworth, Senior Director – Data for Benefits Delivery Modernization (BDM), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Canada
Volker Schörghofer Volker Schörghofer, Director, Austrian Social Insurance, Austria

This webinar will examine the following questions:

  • What advanced process automation techniques have been implemented in your institution?
  • What have been the outcomes in particular during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What have been the main challenges and barriers for implementing advanced process automation?
  • What are the lessons learnt and forward looking perspectives?


  • Welcome by Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, Secretary General, ISSA
  • Technical introduction by the ISSA
  • Case experience of the ESDC, Canada
  • Case experience of the Austrian Social Insurance Administration, Austria
  • Q&A – Discussion
  • Conclusions

Moderated by Raúl Ruggia-Frick, Head of Centre for Excellence Knowledge, ISSA

Practical information

The Webinar is open to delegates of ISSA member organizations and invited institutions. There is no registration fee for ISSA members. Representatives of non-member institutions are requested to contact the ISSA General Secretariat for the terms and conditions of participation.