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Les informations sur la sécurité sociale proposées par le MSS proviennent de sources externes; de ce fait, et malgré le soin particulier apporté à la sélection de ces nouvelles, l'AISS ne peut être tenue pour responsable du contenu des sites extérieurs.

15 juillet 2019 (12.07.2019) A new Ministry of Ageing, coordinating closely with the Manpower and Education Ministries, could help the authorities resolve emerging challenges such as the displacement of mature professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) due to automation

15 juillet 2019

lequotidiendumedecin (12.07.2019) Deal or no deal ? Le feuilleton du Brexit n'est pas achevé – initialement prévue le 29 mars, la date de retrait du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne (UE) a été repoussée jusqu'au 31 octobre au plus tard.

15 juillet 2019

theguardian (11.07.2019) New parents are given 240 days off between them – but corporate pressure means it’s men who then return to work

15 juillet 2019

The Americas Quarterly (11.07.2019)9  the constitutional amendment to the second and final vote at the Lower House has left many analysts scratching their heads. How is it that a controversial and usually unpopular reform everywhere in the world wound up with significant support both in the Brazilian Congress and among the population at large, including by stirring street demonstrations in its favor? There are a few competing theories out there, but I posit that the Brazilian outcome was mainly the result of political dysfunction and extreme polarization within society.

15 juillet 2019

The Star Online (15.07.2019) The Building and Wood Workers’ International-Malaysia Liaison Council is fully in support of the Vision Zero Malaysia campaign, that emulates the global initiative introduced by the International Social Security Association.

12 juillet 2019

BBC News (10.07.2019) Worried about a lump? Got a nasty cough that won't budge? Many people Google queries about such symptoms daily - but now they can get NHS advice instantly by asking Amazon's Alexa.

12 juillet 2019 (09.07.2019) Tunisia has secured $175 million from the World Bank to support digital transformation in the country, the World Bank Group announced last month in a statement. The funding, according to different media reports, comes in the form of two loans.

12 juillet 2019

Infomédiaire (12.07.2019) Le nombre de retraités déclarés a atteint environ 1 805 224 personnes au titre de l’exercice 2018, pour un montant global des retraites brutes dépassant 58 milliards de dirhams (MMDH), selon des chiffres communiqués par le Chef du gouvernement, Saad Eddine El Otmani au parlement

11 juillet 2019

New Era Live (11.07.2019) Zephania Kameeta, Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare this when officially opening a regional consultative workshop on the Social Protection Policy Draft at Keetmanshoop earlier this week. The parliamentarian then explained that this draft aims specifically to address vulnerabilities, tackle social exclusion and eradicate poverty. He continued by referring to the Namibian Constitution which requires government to implement and effect social assistance programmes, which includes amongst others old age pension, disability, veterans and children grants, school feeding and social housing.

10 juillet 2019

The Star (10.07.2019) A culture of prevention is not achievable if Malaysians accept that accidents are a normal occurrence in their daily lives, according to the Social Security Organisation (Socso) Malay   “If you want to achieve the prevention culture with good safety and health management, then it must first be ingrained in ourselves and our workers that we do not accept any accidents, all accidents must be avoided, and they are all preventable,” said Socso chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed.

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