ISSA Webinar: Building resilience through unemployment insurance

19 mai 2022 | Virtual

ISSA Webinar: Building resilience through unemployment insurance

19 mai 2022 | Virtual

Wednesday, 19 May 2022, 10:00–12:00 (UTC/GMT+2 or CEST)

Languages: Simultaneous interpretation in English and Arabic (Simultaneous interpretation – Frequently asked questions)

Webinar organized in cooperation with the ISSA Liaison Office for South-East Asia and the ISSA Liaison Office for Arab countries

Social security plays a crucial role in mitigating the economic and social impact of crises, shocks, and extreme events. As demonstrated once again during the recent COVID-19 crisis, unemployment insurance schemes play a particularly important role in supporting workers and employers during difficult times. In addition, well-designed unemployment insurance schemes can accelerate economic recovery, facilitate the transition from education to work, enhance labour market inclusion, and support skills development.

In view of the experience of the pandemic, countries in all regions are currently analysing the establishment or expansion of unemployment insurance schemes. However, these schemes are challenging in terms of financing, coverage and administration, in particular in countries with a significant share of informal sector workers.

The regions of South-East Asia and the Middle East can provide important guidance for these efforts to provide coverage by unemployment insurance in the context of challenging labour market conditions. In fact, most unemployment insurance schemes newly created in recent years can be found in these two regions.

Based on country case studies from South-East Asia and the Middle East, this ISSA webinar will feature recent experiences with the creation, implementation, and financing of unemployment insurance schemes. It will highlight facilitating factors and good practices as well as innovative solutions to overcome barriers related to labour markets, outreach, contributory capacity, and other aspects.


Zahra Abdulredha Abbas Zahra Abdulredha Abbas, Supervisor for Unemployment Insurance, The Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS), Kuwait
Fahad Saleh Al-Ajlan Fahad Saleh Al-Ajlan, General Manager of Financial Sustainability and Actuarial Risk Assessment, General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI), Saudi Arabia
Azirruan Bin Arifin Azirruan Bin Arifin, Head of the Employment Insurance System, Social Security Organisation (PERKESO), Malaysia

This webinar will examine the following questions:

  • What are the key coverage, benefits, administrative and financial parameters of your unemployment insurance scheme?
  • Why has the establishment of an unemployment insurance scheme been a priority, and how has it contributed to responding to the recent crisis?
  • What have been the main challenges in the implementation of unemployment insurance, and what have been facilitating factors and solutions?
  • What are, if any, the benefits or provisions to support young first job seekers unable to find employment?
  • What is in your view the role of active employment promotion measures as part of unemployment insurance schemes in your country?


  • Welcome by Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, Secretary General, International Social Security Association (ISSA), ISSA
  • Technical introduction by the ISSA
  • Case experience of GOSI, Saudi Arabia
  • Case experience of PIFSS, Kuwait
  • Case experience of PERKESO, Malaysia
  • Q&A – Discussion
  • Closing and Conclusions
Sara Abdulwahab Al-Banwan Al-Ghunaim Moderated by Sara Abdulwahab Al-Banwan Al-Ghunaim, ISSA Liaison Officer for Arab Countries

Practical information

The Webinar is open to delegates of ISSA member organizations and invited institutions without registration fee.