ISSA Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions – Conditions & Fees

ISSA Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions – Conditions & Fees

Who can participate in the ISSA workshops?

ISSA workshops are open to participants from ISSA member institutions only. The workshops are aimed at social security professionals, such as senior managers and experts tasked with improving and developing the areas covered by the ISSA Guidelines.

ISSA workshops are primarily targeted to members in the region or sub-region where the workshop will take place. Participants from that region will be given priority.

Participants must submit input on issues to be addressed when registering for the workshop and need the endorsement of the ISSA member institution.

I am interested and eligible to participate, how do I register for a workshop?

ISSA members must register on the event page. You need an ISSA username and password to register for a workshop. If you work for an ISSA member institution and do not yet have a username and password or you have forgotten, please request an ISSA account.

Due to the high demand for places at ISSA workshops, interested members are kindly requested to register as early as possible.

Can I cancel my registration at any time?

A registered participant may cancel his or her participation. In this case, the member institution is expected to send a representative to replace the initially registered participant.

Is there a participation fee?

There is no fee for participating in the ISSA workshops.

Travel, accommodation and meals are not included and need to be covered by the sending institution.

How many participants does a workshop have?

A minimum of 12 participants is required in order for a scheduled ISSA workshop to proceed. To insure the best quality of workshops, the number of participants should not exceed 25.

A member institution may send no more than two participants to each workshop. ISSA member institutions may however send participants to an unlimited number of workshops.

The workshop will be confirmed 6 to 4 weeks prior to its scheduled dates. The ISSA reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the workshop if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. Registered participants will be informed accordingly.

In what language will the workshop be conducted?

All ISSA workshops are conducted in one language only, without interpretation, according to the information provided on the web page for each event. The participants must have sufficient command of the language of the workshop.

Any other questions?

Please contact the ISSA Workshops team.