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ISSA Workshops

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ISSA Workshops

“The workshop provided a rich learning opportunity for me personally and for my organization. In addition to discussing common challenges and innovative approaches with colleagues from other countries and institutions, I could build a network that will undoubtedly be helpful in my future work.”

Yasuyuki Nagamine, Japan Pension Service

The ISSA offers capacity building opportunities for member institutions. Social security managers and experts looking for hands-on support on important issues they face in their day-to-day practice should participate in the ISSA Workshops.

Workshops have a practical and problem-solving approach. They address institutional and social security challenges using relevant sets of ISSA Guidelines complemented by related knowledge and identifying problem-solving strategies. Through peer-to-peer interaction, they also provide participants with opportunities to network with experts and peers.

Onsite or e-Workshops

Workshops can be organized onsite or as e-Workshops. Onsite Workshops have a duration of two and half to three days, while e-Workshops typically consist of four two-hour sessions organized within a week.

Participants will explore solutions and strategies to address their issues using the ISSA Guidelines. An ISSA workshop manager and experts on the topics to be addressed will facilitate the discussion and add value through their experience and advice.

Workshop phases

ISSA Workshops consist of three phases: a preparatory phase, a participatory phase and an optional post workshop follow up. Participants that complete all phases of the workshop will receive a certificate.

1. Preparation

Participants are asked to explain the specific challenges their institution needs to tackle, related to the ISSA Guidelines covered by the workshop. Each participant is also encouraged to prepare a brief presentation on their institution and the challenges they want to address.

2. Workshop sessions

Each workshop is unique and adapted to the particular needs of the participating institutions. During the workshop, participants will identify solutions and strategies to respond to the specific challenges of their institutions. At the end of the workshop, participants will present the key takeaway messages from the workshop and the next steps to implement these strategies.

3. Follow-up

Participants are offered the possibility to continue exchanging with the experts, the workshop manager and other participants through a collaborative environment. This gives participants a valuable opportunity to support and reflect on developing further strategies and plans, when faced with the realities at their institutions.