ISSA Recognition programme


ISSA Recognition programme



“Through participation in the Recognition programme, we increased trust at multiple levels.”

“A key benefit has been to open up an international dimension for the CNaPS.”

Raoul Romain Rabekoto, former Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNaPS), Madagascar, ISSA Recognition programme on the ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance.

“Both the thorough self-analysis that the recognition process involves, and the objective evaluation of an independent expert will contribute to improving the shared understanding of the goals and the role of communication.”

“Accomplishing the Recognition programme is one means to help us to keep the employees motivated by making them proud of working at our organization and working for social security.”

Inge Huyge, Communication Manager, Auxiliary Unemployment Benefits Fund (CAPAC), Belgium, ISSA Recognition programme on the ISSA Guidelines on Communication by Social Security Administrations.

“Going through the ISSA Recognition Programme was an opportunity for our organization to assess and improve its procedures on return to work and reintegration, and make sure they are in line with international standards in the area.”

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Canada, Recogniton programme on the ISSA Guidelines on Return to Work and Reintegration.

“The ISSA Guidelines bring us back to fundamentals of good management and good processes”.

“The ISSA Guidelines protect us against complacency”.

“The ISSA Guidelines are a great way to engage with your staff and with your customers”.

“The ISSA Guidelines are resonated with us…they are very specific to our situation”.

John McKeon, Secretary General, Department of Social Protection, Ireland, ISSA Recognition programme on the ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality.