ISSA Recognition programme

How does the ISSA Recognition programme work?

ISSA Recognition programme

How does the ISSA Recognition programme work?

How does the ISSA Recognition programme work?

The ISSA Recognition programme offers ISSA members formal evaluation and recognition of their implementation of the ISSA Guidelines. The process for obtaining Recognition consists of an assessment of an institution’s compliance with the Guidelines.

The Recognition programme is administered by the ISSA General Secretariat and is assessed by an independent expert. The independent expert ensures that the assessment is neutral and that all members benefit from equal treatment by the ISSA.

Each Recognition evaluation is focused on one set of the ISSA Guidelines. The structure of the Recognition workbook follows the same order as the related set of Guidelines.

The programme is structured in seven phases:

Recognition process

Expression of interest: The ISSA member organization expresses their interest to participate in the Recognition programme to the ISSA General Secretariat.

Recognition material: The ISSA sends the Recognition workbook to the member organization.

Payment: The ISSA sends the member organization an invoice for the payment of the fee for the Recognition procedure. Once the member organization makes the payment, the ISSA appoints the independent expert and provides access for the member organization to upload their submission and related documents using the My ISSA area of the ISSA website.

Submission of documents: Within a 6-month period, the member organization completes the Recognition workbook and saves the supporting documents to their My ISSA space.

Assessment of documents: The independent expert evaluates the submitted workbook and supporting documents to determine if the member organization is in compliance with the relevant set of ISSA Guidelines. The expert contacts the member directly if they have any questions regarding the material.

Recommendation: On completion of the assessment, the expert discusses the results with the member organization and communicates these results to the ISSA.

Recognition: At the end of the Recognition process, if the member organization is found to be compliant with the Guidelines, the ISSA issues the member with a Certificate of Excellence and provides supporting materials for use in the institution’s public communication.

If the member does not fully comply with the Guidelines, a work plan is agreed with the expert and the member organization to ensure compliance is achieved. The member then has 6 months to carry out the agreed actions and submit the results to the evaluator for re-assessment.