Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI

World Social Security Forum

24–28 October 2022 | MarrakechMorocco

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI

World Social Security Forum

24–28 October 2022 | MarrakechMorocco

Social security for resilient and inclusive societies

  • Network with over 1,000 senior managers, professionals and experts
  • Share experiences, challenges and solutions
  • Acquire knowledge of the latest best practices, ISSA professional standards and innovative approaches
  • Engage in shaping strategies for the future of social security
  • Benefit from being a member of a unique global community committed to social security

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Modification date:
1 December 2022






23 October



125th Bureau meeting*
24 October

Global social security priorities, trends and challenges
Opening ceremony

National presentation of Morocco
Towards social security for all: The Moroccan approach
Plenary session
Global priorities for social security: Trends, challenges and solutions

25 October

People-centred social security in the human-digital age

34th General Assembly

Plenary session
Social security management in the human-digital age

Parallel sessions
Strategies, innovations and practices regarding digital transformation, people-centred service delivery, business continuity and crisis-preparedness, and social security staff empowerment in a new work reality

26 October

Development and innovation in social security

Plenary session
Social security institutional capacities: An asset for resilient and inclusive societies

Interactive sessions

  • Results of ISSA technical commission studies (sessions on health insurance, long-term care, pensions, unemployment and employment policies, family policies, work injury insurance, prevention, investment, actuarial, risk management, etc.)
  • New ISSA Guidelines on (1) Business Continuity (2) Human Resources, and revised ISSA Guidelines

Plenary session
Collaborating and fostering innovation in social security

ISSA Innovation Zone
Practical demonstrations of the latest innovations by social security institutions from different regions in an accessible and interactive format

27 October

Towards inclusive, resilient and sustainable social security for all

Plenary session
Social security for resilient and inclusive societies

Parallel sessions
Strategies for social security and health coverage for all and social security approaches to reducing inequalities

Parallel sessions
Social security strategies and reforms to respond to financing and sustainability challenges, adapt to the needs of ageing populations, promoting employment and protecting the unemployed, and support the green transition

28 October

Meeting global needs for social security and just societies

World Social Security Summit
Ministers and high-level representatives of international organizations

The ISSA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Security

Closing session

39th Council Session*

126th Bureau meeting*

* Attendance at these meetings is restricted to members of the respective statutory bodies.
Valid as of 31 May 2022 – subject to change