ISSA Webinar: Developing mortality tables with limited data – Introduction and experiences

18 June 2024 | Virtual

ISSA Webinar: Developing mortality tables with limited data – Introduction and experiences

18 June 2024 | Virtual

Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 16:00–17:30 (UTC/GMT+2 or CEST)

Languages: Simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish (Simultaneous interpretation – Frequently asked questions)

Accurately assessing mortality trends is crucial for reliable forecasts of the long-term sustainability of social security systems. However, limited data can be a major hurdle for actuaries, researchers and analysts.

To address these issues, new methods have been developed to maximize the value of existing data, address potential biases and interpret results effectively. By overcoming data limitations, actuarial professionals can gain valuable insights to inform sound decision-making and ensure the future stability of social security programmes. This webinar tackles this challenge head-on and discusses the application of tools and techniques to conduct effective mortality studies even with restricted datasets.

Join this ISSA webinar to gain the knowledge and tools to confidently conduct mortality studies and inform sound decision-making within social security programmes, even with limited data resources.


 Péter Vékás, Associate Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
 Stokeley Smart, Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader in Actuarial Science, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
 Benyamin Saut, Deputy Director, Social Security Administering Body for the Health Sector (BPJS Kesehatan), Indonesia

This webinar will examine the following questions:

  • What are the key challenges facing social insurance institutions in conducting mortality studies with limited data?
  • What tools or methods have been used to overcome these challenges?
  • How can this work strengthen social security systems?


  • Welcome by Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, Secretary General, ISSA
  • Technical introduction by the ISSA
  • Case experience from Hungary
  • Case experience from Trinidad & Tobago
  • Case experience from Indonesia
  • Q&A – Discussion
  • Conclusions
Feyaad KhanModerated by Feyaad Khan, Senior Officer in Social Security, ISSA

Practical information

The webinar is open to delegates of ISSA member organizations and invited institutions without registration fee.