International Conference

16th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security

4–6 May 2022 | TallinnEstonia

International Conference

16th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security

4–6 May 2022 | TallinnEstonia

Digital transformation for adaptable and people centric social security

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) will organize its 16th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security (ICT 2022) in Tallinn, Estonia, 4–⁠6 May 2022, at the invitation of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

Focussing on the theme Digital transformation for adaptable and people centric social security, this world-class event, held only once every three years is the unique opportunity to analyse and discuss opportunities and challenges regarding the management of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in social security institutions with the professionals.

A dynamic context

Social security institutions are facing a fast paced and demanding environment. Responding to ambitious objectives for social security coverage, rapid societal, demographic and labour market changes and increasingly digitally autonomous customers requires institutions to transform key business processes.

In this context, emerging ICT enable innovative strategic responses to the social security leaders. At the same time, the increasingly interconnected and complex nature of these technologies as well as their rapid evolution require enhanced attention to sound ICT governance, management and expertise.

Digital transformation

Social security institutions around the world have embraced digital transformation as a strategic response in an increasingly complex environment. The COVID-19 crisis has significantly accelerated this development. It has also demonstrated that bold decisions to invest in digital transformation are not a matter of choice, but a mission-critical element to manage at time of crisis.

Enabled by emerging technologies, digital transformation is much more than ICT. It also involves changes in the interaction between technology and human resources across the governance and business processes. In this way, digital transformation aims at developing a new relationship between customers and social security institutions based on enhanced individual choice and autonomy to perform operations.

It is not easy. Experiences by ISSA member institutions highlight the complexities involved in leading and implementing digital transformation strategies. The ICT 2022 Conference is the opportunity to learn from others, analyse successful cases and exchange on strategies to overcome barriers.

New ICT paradigms driving digital transformation

The conference will feature discussions and live demonstrations of the new paradigms of ICT applications and services that enable and drive digital transformation in different regional and social security contexts, and notably:

  • Data-driven social security leveraging Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Interconnecting systems and institutions, based on interoperability and Blockchain technologies.
  • Customer-centred mobile applications enabling payment, multi-organizational services and customer driven choice.

The importance of inter-institutional collaboration and partnerships as well as strategies to enhance the digital inclusion of all clients will be a core focus of these discussions.

Unique gathering of leaders, managers and experts

The conference will bring together over 400 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), ICT managers and experts from social security institutions and international organizations. This unique event is the only global gathering for decision-makers in ICT in social security.

Programme highlights

The programme will feature case presentations, leaders’ roundtables, live demonstrations and debates in plenary and interactive group sessions. Highlights include sessions on:

  • Digital transformation, including a CEO roundtable on digitalization strategies and an analysis of the impact of COVID-19.
  • Data-driven and interconnected social security, particularly Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
  • Customer-centred mobile applications responding to fast evolving digital behaviour and attitudes.
  • Cybersecurity as a key component of business continuity in order to build robust and adaptable institutions.
  • The ICT Industry Forum with world-class ICT industry experts to discuss roadmaps and high impact trends in technology application in social security.
  • An Innovation Zone based on the highly popular approach used at the World Social Security Forum 2019, providing live demonstrations and a unique opportunity to learn, discuss, engage and be inspired.


The languages of the event are English, French, German and Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in these languages and in Russian.

Practical information

The conference is open to delegates of ISSA member organizations and invited institutions. There is no registration fee for ISSA members. Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation costs. Representatives of non-member institutions are requested to contact the ISSA General Secretariat for the terms and conditions of participation.

Hosted by

Estonian National Social Insurance Board

Estonian National Social Insurance Board