International Media Festival for Prevention

Safety “Oscars” awarded in Singapore

View our Vision Zero trailer and join the Vision Zero campaign. Together we can shape a world of work without accidents, diseases and harm. Together we can make Vision Zero a reality.

Although we can neither see, smell nor hear the risks harboured by electricity, we can certainly feel them – and once we do, it is already too late.

Our vision: No person should ever be killed or severely injured, or suffer illness due to work-related causes. Based on the “VISION ZERO Guideline” developed by the Special Commission on Prevention of the ISSA and the International Section on Prevention of the ISSA, the ISSA Electricity Section has created a short VISION ZERO Guide to assist you in designing a suitable working environment to ensure that related fatalities, injuries and diseases are eliminated from the electricity industry.

The International Media Festival for Prevention at the World Congress for Safety and Health at Work in Singapore attracted 235 entries from 38 countries, and nine entries – six films and three multimedia products – were selected for awards by international juries of media and prevention experts.

All entries for the International Media Festival on Prevention 2017 can be viewed on the internet. They are available at Read more.

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