Eventos de prevención Eventos de prevención

OSHAfrica 2019

This historic event aims to bring together stakeholders from across Africa and beyond to discuss the existing challenges in Occupational Safety and Health in Africa.
18 – 20 septiembre 2019 | Johannesburg, South Africa

Foro Mundial de la Seguridad Social

Excelencia en la seguridad social
14 – 18 octubre 2019 | Bruselas, Bélgica

Risk assessment. Digitalisation. Knowledge transfer.

International Seminar of the ISSA
within the framework of Forum Prävention
21 mayo 2019 | Vienna, Austria

XI SISE International Symposium on Electrical Safety

ISSA prevention event
This is a scientific event that aims to improve the quality of work of professionals in the electricity sector.
16 – 18 mayo 2019 | Gran Hotel Cochabamba, Bolivia