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International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water

The mission of the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water is the protection of workers against electrical accidents and occupational diseases due to electricity and ionizing radiation.

Vision Zero website

Tutorial on 5 safety rules

Tutorial module of 20 minutes on safety and health at the workplace: „The Five Safety Rules" with test sheet to check out your knowledge.

Vision Zero trailer

Vision Zero is the vision of a world without occupational accidents and work-related diseases. Its highest priority is to prevent fatal and serious work accidents and occupational diseases. View the Vision Zero trailer and join the Vision Zero campaign.


International Section of the ISSA on Electricity, Gas and Water
Gustav-Heinemann Ufer 130
DE - 50968 Köln
T: +49 221 3778 6007
F: +49 221 3778 196007

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