Chemical risk: innovative methods and techniques

8-10 de abril de 2015 | NancyFrancia


Chemical risk: innovative methods and techniques

8-10 de abril de 2015 | NancyFrancia

Organised by the Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS) in association with the Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH) .

This conference will be the fourth in a series of INRS Occupational Health Research Conferences. It will mainly focus on the innovative and original nature of methods devoted to the assessment or reduction of chemical risk. This conference is intended to bring together researchers, experts, OSH professionals and physicians from different backgrounds with the aim of sharing the latest knowledge and discussing research and development needs on the following topics:

The impact of new toxicological approaches for hazard assessment

Methodological approaches

  • Predictive alternative models
  • "High-throughput" and "high-content" screening
  • "Omics" technologies
  • Structure-activity relationship

New approaches for animal to human extrapolation

Emerging issues

  • Low doses
  • Non-linear dose-effect relationship, phenomenon of hormesis​

Epidemiological applications

Innovative prevention tools for exposure characterisation and risk reduction

Assessment of emissions / exposures – Identification of sources

  • In-situ diagnosis: real-time analysis, portable analysers, innovative visualisation method
  • Analytical developments (sensitivity, rapidity): screening, speciation, direct/non-destructive methods
  • Surface contamination: sampling and analysis, transfer models, prevention applications
  • Biological monitoring
  • Exposure scenarios​

Contribution from numerical simulation and modelling

  • Numerical simulation: treatment processes, airborne transport of pollutants, collective prevention and personal protective equipment
  • Modelling: Exposure and risk assessment, computer tools​

Reduction of chemical risk   

  • Design of clean processes, emerging systems
  •  New purification techniques​