International Symposium

Violence, attacks and aggression in Transportation

16 – 18 September 2015 Hamburg, Germany

Network, exchange, learn - The market place of the International Symposium

Thanks to the great engagement of all contributors, a broad range of aspects of aggression and violence at the workplace was presented at the marketplace. Mr Rudolph and his colleagues Ms Keskin and Mr Ohlms (Hamburger Hochbahnwache GmbH) displayed their "Mobile Hochbahnwache" booth, which is readily set up and used at traffic junctions in Hamburg to inform the public. Mr Pistor (DVR) sensitized the guests to the particularities of the driving behaviour of young people.

Money and value transporters are especially vulnerable to violence such as robbery. Mr Porst-Gazibara (BG Verkehr) presented a new approach on how to make money transports safer in Germany. For France, an approach was shown by Mr Blanchard (CRAMIF), who also raised awareness towards the risk of robberies in warehouses. Harbour security was the focus of the poster prepared by Mr Weger (VSWN). Mr Backhaus and Mr Heßner presented two projects by the BG Verkehr, which aimed at evaluating the various forms of violence against taxi drivers and improving their safety by the use camera surveillance.

Networks are essential in tackling violence at the workplace. Ms Braun introduced the efforts of Arbeitsschutz Partnerschaft Hamburg. Ms Gehrke and Mr Pangert gave an overview of the project group "Psyche and Trauma" of the German Social Accident Insurance and Ms Schneider presented the various initiatives of EU-OSHA at the European level.

Immediate support for the victims is important after an incident. Ms Hora, Ms Schug and Mr Feddern gave insight into the workflow of the trauma guides of the BG Verkehr. Ms Denninger presented various aspects of her work as crisis and disaster psychologist. Ms Hübsch (BG Verkehr) introduced the instruction cards for employers and employees, which provide basic information and important steps to take immediately after traumatic events. Ms Hettich and Ms Wiemann from ias explained how they help employees in coping extreme strains. Furthermore, Mr Richard presented the work of the University of Würzburg in the field.

Trade unions as social partners have an important role in combating violence and aggression in the transport sector. Mr Bieck, Mr Gersberg-Werner, Mr Pfeiffer, Mr Krippendorf (EVG) and Mr Naumann (IMU Institut) illustrated the initiatives using their security concepts for trains. Ms Schreiber and Mr Schütze (GDL) together with Mr Demir (Fairness Plan) showed how the GDL is tackling the problem.

Broadening the horizon beyond the immediate problems in transportation, Ms Gerber and Ms Weimar (BGN) showed a movie that illustrated how the foodstuff and catering industry deals with violence. Ms Schablon summarized the findings of a study of violence against employees in the healthcare sector in her contribution. Ms Theiler (UKBW) presented an analysis of conflicts with clients in public institutions.

Thanks to all contributors the marketplace invited to network and learn about new approaches and concepts.

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