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28 April: World Day for Safety and Health at Work

On 28 April we celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year the World Day is devoted to "Optimize the collection and use of OSH data".

The ILO’s campaign for the 2017 World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on the critical need for countries to improve their capacity to collect and utilize reliable occupational safety and health (OSH) data.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted on September 25, 2015 encompasses a global plan of action with specific targets to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. With its adoption, the capacity to collect and utilize reliable OSH data has also become indispensable for countries to fulfil their commitment to implement and report on some of the agenda’s 17 sustainable development goals and their targets.

The ISSA and its members insuring occupational accidents and diseases are key players in the recording and provision of data which can form the basis for effective occupational safety and health strategies and prevention campaigns.

The ISSA Guidelines on Prevention of Occupational Risks identify reporting, data collection and analysis of occupational accidents and diseases as essential practices. The Guidelines affirm that social security institutions are, in many countries, valuable partners for safety and health authorities as they dispose of detailed data on the insured workers. Such data is of great importance for the preparation of national prevention programmes, in particular for targeting risk areas and for setting priorities, as well as for the evaluation of their impact.

The ISSA encourages its global membership involved in accident insurance and occupational safety and health to contribute to the ILO campaign in support of effective data collection and analysis.