Migration and social security

Social security facing increased mobility of the global workforce

Worldwide, there are over a billion internal and international migrants. One driving factor for migration is often the search for better conditions of work and employment, which for many is inseparable from access to social security coverage.


In Baku in September 2005, delegates at a joint ISSA-International Association of Pension and Social Funds (IAPSF) meeting identified the need to draw attention to the importance of social security for migrants and the advantages of modern tools that would ensure adequate coverage of this workforce. The ISSA accepted the mandate and the result was the joint ISSA-IAPSF Declaration on Social Protection of Migrant Labour and Globalization, developed in cooperation with the ILO Social Security Department. The Declaration, unanimously adopted by the ISSA and IAPSF members in December 2005, would be the first in several efforts by social security administrators to bring the issue of migrant coverage to the attention of national governments.

In June 2011, the ISSA hosted a Seminar on social protection of migrant workers and globalization. The Seminar built on the joint ISSA-IAPSF Declaration on Social Protection of Migrant Labour and Globalization. Following the meeting, a joint ISSA-IAPSF working group was formed whose mandate was to draft solutions that strengthen social security coverage extension for migrant workers in Eurasia.

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