Megatrends and social security

Social security systems can anticipate and influence global trends affecting societies and economies

Family, gender and societal changes

Cultural, social and demographic changes have led to a significant shift in family structures and in the attitudes of society to a range of issues. The impact of lower marriage rates in certain regions, growing male/female population imbalances, more one-parent families and an increasing geographic dispersal of family members are all trends that will impact social security systems.

For example, the provision and financing of long-term care is likely to become an increasingly important issue as traditional, informal family support systems evolve. Widening inequalities in economic growth, and the role of social security in addressing these, is an increasingly important challenge. What are the key future trends likely to be and how can access to adequate social security benefits be ensured to reduce such inequalities?

In a world of increased interconnections, rapid changes and use of different types of media, social security responses to these complex issues will be analysed in the ISSA research.

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