Tackling the key dimensions of dynamic social security

In order to enhance the ISSA's capacity to provide relevant knowledge on the various dimensions of dynamic social security, the ISSA will focus on the following topical priorities.

Topical priority 1: Administrative and operational efficiency and effectiveness

Evidence from the member survey indicates that achieving administrative and operational efficiency and effectiveness is rated as by far the most important challenge for ISSA member institutions. In response to these expressed needs and priorities, the ISSA will develop and implement a Centre for Excellence in Social Security Administration with innovative services and products evolving around the ISSA Guidelines.

Topical priority 2: Extension of social security coverage

By focussing its activities related to this core priority topic on contribution collection and compliance issues as well as on extension to groups that are typically difficult to cover, the ISSA has, during the 2011-2013 triennium, progressed in the implementation of the ISSA strategy on the extension of social security coverage adopted in 2010. This important work will be continued and be strengthened through the opportunities offered by the Memorandum of Understanding between the ISSA and the ILO.

Topical priority 3: Dynamic Social Security: A key condition for inclusive societies and economic growth

The important contribution of Dynamic Social Security for inclusive societies and economic growth is undisputed. In particular, proactive and preventive social security measures to enhance health, human capital, employability and activation contribute to economic development and also have a positive impact on social inclusion. For the latter objective, ensuring adequate income protection for all and in particular vulnerable groups is also indispensable. As part of this topical priority, the ISSA will promote knowledge exchange to identify those measures that optimize the positive role of social security. Connecting this analysis with the results of work carried out during the 2008-2010 and the 2011-2013 triennia, and through further work on deepening the understanding of the crucial role of proactive and preventive approaches, the ISSA will be able to present comprehensive evidence on social security measures that support economic growth and social inclusion.

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