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The ISSA recruits Professional and General Services categories of staff. Professional staff members are normally internationally recruited for functions which require a university degree and a high level of functional skills and may involve supervisory responsibility. General Services staff are designated as support staff and are normally recruited locally.

Conditions of employment at the ISSA follow those of the International Labour Office (ILO) and the United Nations remuneration system.

ISSA staff vacancies are announced on the ISSA website and ILO's e-Recruitment website.



Secretary General

The Secretary General is the executive head of the ISSA General Secretariat in Geneva. She/he leads the development and implementation of a global triennial programme of activities to meet members’ expectations, ensure ISSA’s impact and enable the proper functioning of the governance of the ISSA. She/he is accountable to the ISSA Bureau, which is the administrative governing body of the Association, and the ISSA General Assembly.

The elected candidate will be appointed through a technical cooperation contract with the International Labour Office (ILO) at the D2 grade. The term of the Secretary General is up to six years, and is renewable without limit to the number of terms of office. The retirement age is 65.

Applications may be submitted either by an affiliate member organization of the ISSA, or by the candidate, and must be supported by affiliate member organizations from at least two countries (Article 45.(3) of the ISSA Constitution). The deadline for the submission of applications has been set at 15 May 2018.

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