Digital economy

Digital Economy and Social Security Observatory

The Digital Economy will profoundly transform our daily life, how we work and how we live.

The Observatory will provide ISSA members with an understanding of the opportunities and the challenges it will present to social security administrations.

It will look at this transformation from two angles: the changing environment in which social security institutions evolve and how Social Security institutions themselves will be impacted and can respond to these challenges.

10 October 2019 (04.10.2019) Local authorities in Sweden are using process automation through software to help social workers make decisions on benefits for claimants.

26 September 2019

Center For Global Development (13.09.2019) India has emerged as a leader in building on its biometric digital ID (Aadhaar) to reform service and program delivery. It moved quickly to consolidate the rollout of Aadhaar, and then to embed the unique Aadhaar number into program databases.

6 August 2019

La caisse nationale de prévoyance sociale (CNPS) a procédé le 2 août 2019 au lancement officiel des quittances numériques d'encaissement des cotisations sociales, en présence du directeur des Finances et du Patrimoine, Hortense Asim Abisone, représentante du Directeur Général.

30 July 2019

CTV News (26.07.2019) The federal government is moving to trade, in bulk, information on expatriate seniors with other countries to save time and money when one of them dies.

18 June 2019

Over the past decade, an increasing number of countries around the world are introducing or upgrading national-scale digital identification systems and modernizing civil registration. For example, Morocco is introducing a new national population register and civil and social digital ID  to reform its social protection system and pioneering the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) in the process. 

23 April 2019 (19.04.2019) The world’s largest pension fund is exploring the use of AI to help it select asset managers and assets in which to invest

5 April 2019 (25.02.2019) UNICEF's investment in blockchain startups extends its mission and also underscores the particularity of scenarios where blockchain promises to be the optimal solution.

29 March 2019 (08.02.2019) World Economic Forum report outlines how business, government and citizens can deliver responsible digital tranformation

5 March 2019 (04.03.2019) Le ministère qui supervise le filet de sécurité sociale fédéral a discrètement commencé à tester des systèmes d'intelligence artificielle qui pourraient un jour faciliter et accélérer l'obtention de réponses sur les prestations et les services.

5 February 2019

McKinsey (February 2019) Process automation and technologies based on artificial intelligence can bring benefits across numerous functions of government.

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