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19 January 2017
Espace Manager (18.01.2017) L’assemblée des représentants du peuple (ARP) a adopté, lors d’une séance plénière tenue mardi, les conventions bilatérales de sécurité sociales que la Tunisie a conclues avec la République tchèque, le Maroc et la Bulgarie.
19 January 2017
CEPAL (17.01.2017) Después de dos años consecutivos de contracción económica, se proyecta que América Latina y el Caribe retorne a un crecimiento positivo en 2017, pero persistirán importantes dificultades tanto externas como internas, según el informe de las Naciones Unidas Situación y Perspectivas de la Economía Mundial (WESP, por sus siglas en ingles), publicado hoy.
9 January 2017 (06.01.2017) In a world riddled with complexity, the simplicity of universal basic income grants (BIGs) is alluring: just give everyone cash. Excerpts of such radical concepts have been put in practice across the globe, with the launch of a pilot in Kenya, results from India, a coalition in Namibia, an experiment in Finland, a pilot in the Unites States, a referendum in Switzerland, and the redistribution of dividends from natural resources in Alaska and elsewhere.
13 January 2017
Les Echos (13.01.2016( C'est ce que conclut l'OCDE dans un rapport publié ce jeudi. L'institution alerte sur la nécessité de recalibrer les dépenses pour qu'elles soient réaffectées à des fins plus utiles.
16 January 2017
ILO (13.01.2017) The ILO's World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2017 takes stock of the current global labour market situation, assessing the most recent employment developments and forecasting unemployment levels in developed, emerging and developing countries.
17 January 2017 (16.01.2017) Social Protection PS Susan Mochache says the national government has spent Sh80.3 billion over four years on the elderly and other vulnerable people through the cash transfer programme.
13 January 2017
BFM TV (11.01.2017) Outre-Manche, une nouvelle réglementation soumet désormais à des taxes le transfert sur des supports financiers français de l'épargne retraite placée dans des fonds de pension au Royaume-Uni. Ce qui inquiète évidemment les expatriés tricolores.
6 January 2017
CNN (05.01.2017) Heads up, American women (and the men who love them): House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday the GOP is moving forward on its plan to repeal Obamacare, and would also include removing federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
17 January 2017 (17.01.2017) A new study shows that access to health insurance can help hold a community together socially, and lack of it can contribute to the fraying of neighborhood cohesion.
10 January 2017 (09.01.2017) Those suffering from occupational diseases will receive more welfare benefits following a newly issued plan urging local governments and companies to strengthen preventive measures. The plan, under the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), released by the State Council on Jan 4, will improve welfare for those working in harsh conditions and highlights those suffering from ailments such as pneumoconiosis or black-lung disease, exposure to radioactivity and chemical intoxication
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