Good Practices in Social Security Good Practices in Social Security

The identification and sharing of good practices helps social security organizations and institutions to improve their operational and administrative efficiency.

In the context of the ISSA, a good practice is defined as any type of experience (e.g. an action, a measure, a process, a programme, a project, or a technology) implemented within a social security organization that fosters the improvement of its administrative and operational capacities, and/or the efficient and effective delivery of programmes. The good practices selected by the ISSA focus on topics related to the priorities as defined in the programme and budget of the Association. The good practices are from member institutions of the ISSA and are primarily collected through the work of the  ISSA Technical Commissions and the ISSA Good Practice Awards.


Mystery Shopping research in the area of customer service

Mystery Shopping research in the area of customer service

Social Insurance Institution | Poland
Mystery Shopping research in the area of customer service

In 2012–2013, the Social Insurance Institution (Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych – ZUS) commissioned a research to apply the Mystery Shopping method in the area of customer service. As a fully objective method to assess customer service, the research enabled ZUS to check whether applicable customer service standards were being observed. It also allowed ZUS to issue clear guidelines aimed at improving the quality of customer service. In addition, the research report provided strategic information to the ZUS Management Board. Thanks to the Mystery Shopping method, ZUS has filled knowledge gaps on customer needs acquired by means of customer satisfaction surveys. Currently – although on a smaller scale – Mystery Shopping surveys are carried out by ZUS through its Customer Service Department.

Implementation year2012
Topics: Administration / Management, Service quality, Governance, Communication

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