Good Practices in Social Security Good Practices in Social Security

The identification and sharing of good practices helps social security organizations and institutions to improve their operational and administrative efficiency.

In the context of the ISSA, a good practice is defined as any type of experience (e.g. an action, a measure, a process, a programme, a project, or a technology) implemented within a social security organization that fosters the improvement of its administrative and operational capacities, and/or the efficient and effective delivery of programmes. The good practices selected by the ISSA focus on topics related to the priorities as defined in the programme and budget of the Association. The good practices are from member institutions of the ISSA and are primarily collected through the work of the  ISSA Technical Commissions and the ISSA Good Practice Awards.


Occupational integration nurseries

Occupational integration nurseries

National Family Allowances Fund | France
Occupational integration nurseries

Occupational integration (à vocation d’insertion professionnelle – AVIP) nurseries allow jobseeker parents to benefit from childcare and specific support with a view to their long-term integration into the labour market. This scheme promotes equality between women and men and makes it easier for single women with children to get jobs.

These AVIP nurseries bring families together with employment promotion organisations and offer personalized support for occupational integration.

They are committed to:

  • adapting their childcare to the needs of parents enrolled on a back-to-work programme (emergency childcare or care at unusual times, etc.);
  • making the childcare solution permanent if parents find a job after six months;
  • looking after at least 20 per cent of children whose parents are looking for work;
  • implementing personalized social support linked to the back-to-work programme.

The evaluation of the first AVIP nurseries shows that 90 per cent of parents of young children supported have found a job within five months.

Implementation year2016
Topics: Employment, Service quality, Communication, Extension of coverage

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