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Technical Commission on Investment of Social Security Funds

The investment of social security funds is increasingly challenging, with a rapidly changing external environment and a complexity of investment choices facing many members.

At the same time, the importance of such funds for social security is increasing, due to fiscal and financing constraints in the short term and demographic changes in the longer term. Given this reality, the management of such funds is under mounting scrutiny with an increasing focus on governance structures, performance and the treatment of risk.

The objectives of the Technical Commission on Investment of Social Security Funds are to respond to these challenges and support members to establish an appropriate investment governance mechanism and investment strategy to manage reserve funds.

These objectives are reflected in the work programme and activities of the Technical Commission. The work focuses on improving governance structures and processes (through the vehicle of the ISSA investment guidelines), improving analysis of the management and performance of reserve funds (the ISSA reserve fund monitor), and sharing information on investment practices (including through participation at ISSA events and working with other Technical Commissions on specific cross-cutting projects).

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