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Technical Commission on Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a strategic role in the implementation of social security programmes, enabling both the automation of specific processes and the transformation of operations and services.

ICT supports the implementation of operations in social security institutions, facilitating large-scale information management, and provides the means to communicate with citizens and other organizations.

In addition, ICT enables improvement in the quality and effectiveness of key processes such as service delivery and management decision-making, not only through the use of new technologies but also through the application of business intelligence and novel management methodologies.

The intensive application of ICT also enables the permanent evolution of social security processes, the implementation of new approaches to service delivery and operations, and therefore the overall transformation of organizations and their relationships.

The corporate use of ICT in social security institutions has three main aspects:

  1. the implementation of social security functions and required resources;
  2. the adoption of enabling technologies;
  3. the overall governance and management of the wide spectrum of ICT-related activities – not only technical activities but also strategy definition and the management of ICT investments.

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