ISSA Recognition programme ISSA Recognition programme

The ISSA Recognition programme offers formal evaluation and recognition by the ISSA of the implementation of the ISSA Guidelines.

The process for obtaining ISSA Recognition consists of an assessment of your institution's compliance with the Guidelines, carried out by independent experts.

ISSA Recognition encourages and motivates your staff and helps to support the legitimacy of your institution among stakeholders.

The ISSA Recognition programme evaluates members on these ISSA Guidelines:

  1. Good Governance (available in 2017)
  2. Service Quality
  3. Contribution Collection and Compliance
  4. Information and Communication Technology
  5. Promotion of Sustainable Employment (available in 2017)
  6. Communication by Social Security Administrations (available in 2017)
  7. Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension (available in 2017)
  8. Return to Work and Reintegration (available in 2017)
  9. Prevention of Occupational Risks
  10. Workplace Health Promotion (available in 2017)
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