How does the ISSA Academy diploma programme work?

The ISSA Academy diploma programme is implemented by the ISSA Training Consortium which offers training courses that combine on-line assignments and on-site training for groups of participants on a specific set of ISSA Guidelines. 
Each training course is focused on one set of ISSA Guidelines. It is structured in three phases, to total around 50 hours of course work. 
  • Pre-training: Prior to the on-site training, participants complete a set of online activities related to the set of ISSA Guidelines.
  • On-site training: Intensive and interactive training for groups of up to 25 participants with a trainer and an ISSA expert. The duration of the training course is usually five days. 
  • Post-training: Participants develop and submit an assignment which is assessed, and continue to exchange with other course participants.

A diploma is awarded to the individual participant based on the satisfactory completion of the post-training assignment.