Conditions and fees

The training courses of the ISSA Academy diploma programme are offered through the ISSA Training Consortium, which is constituted by training institutions accredited by the ISSA. 

Each training course on a set of ISSA Guidelines is offered on a fee basis. The fee is determined by the offering institution of the ISSA Training Consortium, and includes all materials and training. Accommodation and meals may be included in the total cost, and will depend on the venue.
Participants are responsible for their own travel and visa arrangements to and from the training venue. The course fee is payable directly to the offering institution of the ISSA Training Consortium.
The training courses, which are standardized across the training institutions of the consortium, can also be customized to the specific needs of an individual member organization.  
Specific conditions for each training course may apply and are the responsibility of the training institution.
ISSA member organizations should consult the websites of the members of the ISSA Training Consortium for information on the schedules of training courses offered and the applicable fees and conditions.