What is an ISSA Academy workshop?

Each ISSA Academy workshop will focus on challenges related to the implementation of a set of ISSA Guidelines. The scope of each workshop will be narrowed to specific priority topics within a given set of ISSA Guidelines, reflecting the needs expressed by the workshop participants.

Each workshop consists of three phases:

Preparatory phase

Prior to the start of a workshop, participants are asked to prepare a statement of purpose using the online form provided by the ISSA. The statement of purpose is endorsed by the member institution.

A statement of purpose identifies the specific guidelines that are in the process of being implemented by the member institution, the problems that stand in the way of implementing them, and what the participant expects to get out of the workshop. An online workshop group facilitates the submission of the statement of purpose and communication with the ISSA Secretariat.

Workshop phase

Shaped by the specific problems included in the statement of purpose, the workshops focus on learning and identifying options and alternative strategies by means of moderated exchanges as well as targeted input by a high-level ISSA accredited expert.

As a concrete outcome of the workshops, participants will prepare a summary of key messages and learnings, and will identify solutions which are of particular relevance to their institutions. This will enable participants to develop plans and measures to respond to the specific challenges in their institutions, as outlined in their statements of purpose.

Follow-up phase

During a period of three months after a workshop, participants will continue their exchange with the workshop expert and the workshop community through an online workshop group. After this period, the ISSA General Secretariat will arrange a webinar to take stock of the progress of the participants’ work and to bring the workshop to a close. After this period, the ISSA Technical Advice and Support service will be available to provide further support to participants and their institutions.






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