The ISSA Academy workshops in 10 questions

How do I register for a workshop?

ISSA members may register on the ISSA web portal to participate in an ISSA Academy workshop.

Who can register for a workshop?

Senior managers, programme managers, project managers and senior experts from ISSA member institutions tasked with improvement and development in the areas covered by the ISSA Guidelines.

How many participants can a member institution send to a workshop?

A member institution may send no more than two participants to an individual workshop. ISSA member institutions may send participants to an unlimited number of workshops.

Is participation in a workshop restricted on a regional basis?

Workshops are primarily targeted to members in the region or sub-region where the workshop will take place.

Is there a required minimum number of participants to hold an ISSA Academy workshop? What will happen if this minimum is not met?

To ensure sufficient depth and diversity in the sharing of experiences and know-how among the participants, a minimum number of twelve participants is required in order for a scheduled ISSA Academy workshop to proceed.

The ISSA Secretariat will confirm the workshop two months prior to its scheduled dates. Should the minimum number of participants not be met two months prior to the scheduled dates, the ISSA Secretariat reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the workshop. Registered participants will be informed accordingly.

Is there a maximum number of participants that can attend an ISSA Academy workshop?

The number of participants in an ISSA Academy workshop should not exceed twenty five. A maximum has been set in order to ensure sufficient time for exchange, consultations and the preparation of the proposed work plans of the participants.

Can a participant cancel her or his registration in a workshop at any time?

A registered participant may cancel her or his participation. In this case, the member institution is expected to send a representative in place of the initially registered participant.

Will there be interpretation in an ISSA Academy workshop?

Workshops will be conducted in one language only to maximize interaction and exchange. The ISSA Academy workshop calendar indicates the language for each workshop.

Is there a fee for participating in ISSA Academy workshops?

ISSA Academy workshops are open to all member institutions without a registration fee. In accordance with the Association's practice, travel, accommodation and meals of participants are to be covered by their respective institutions.

Where can I learn more about ISSA Academy workshops?

Full information about the ISSA Academy workshops is available on the ISSA web portal and directly from the ISSA Academy team.






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