Uruguay wins regional social security award

ISSA Good Practice Award for Americas 2017

The 2017 ISSA Good Practice Award for Americas has been presented to the Social Insurance Bank, Uruguay for an innovation that extends social security coverage to workers in the sharing economy.

The results of the regional competition, which is held every three years, were announced at a ceremony on 22 November 2017 during the Regional Social Security Forum for the Americas in Montevideo. The competition drew 62 entries from 21 organizations in 10 countries.

The international Jury awarded the Social Insurance Bank, Uruguay (Banco de Prevision Social de Uruguay) for enabling the social security coverage of workers who provide transport services through intermediary digital platforms such as Uber, Cabify, and EasyGo, which interact with passengers using mobile phone applications.

The strategy implemented by the Social Insurance Bank was planned and organized at the State level. It succeeded in formalizing and integrating these new forms of work into the country’s social security system. The strategy involved intensive inter-institutional coordination, the modification and update of relevant legal regulations as well as making more flexible the identification processes and ensuring the integrity of data collection, control and inspection.

"As this good practice shows, political will and the collaboration of all actors are indispensable to enabling a social security organization to rise to the challenge of protecting workers in the digital economy and the new forms of employment it offers," stated Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, ISSA Secretary General.

"The record number of entries to this good practice competition is a testament to the progress that is being made in addressing the social security challenges in the region," he added.

The international Jury also awarded eleven Certificates of Merit with a Special Mention from the Jury:

Argentina: National Social Security Administration
National historical reparation programme for retirees and pensioners

Argentina: Secretariat for Social Security
Doubling the social security benefits of natural disaster victims

Argentina: Secretariat for Social Security
Universal pension for the elderly

Canada: Employment and Social Development Canada
Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement automatic enrolment

Canada: Employment and Social Development Canada
Policy framework for the collection and use of publicly available personal information in the administration of the OAS and CPP programmes

Chile: Mutual for Safety CChC
A comprehensive health care model

Chile: Superintendency of Social Security
Automatic generation of lists of beneficiaries who have the right to permanent family benefits (Aporte Familiar Permanente)

Costa Rica: Social Insurance Fund of Costa Rica
Quality in the provision of medication at the CCSS: Quality conformity assessment programme to detect and reject counterfeit and/or non-compliant medicines through the creation and strengthening of the laboratory of medication standards and quality (Laboratorio de Normas y Calidad de Medicamentos – LNCM)

Mexico: Mexican Social Security Institute
IMSS Digital mobile application

Mexico: State Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute
New regulation on the assessment of occupational risks and disabilities (Reglamento para dictámenes en materia de riesgos de trabajo e invalidez)

Uruguay: Social Insurance Bank
Calificación Tributaria (Contributor profiling system), a management tool based on contributor behaviour

40 Certificates of Merit were also awarded to good practices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, United States and Uruguay, and 10 attestations for good practices in Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

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