The ISSA in 2017: Member events and programme highlights

A dynamic programme of events will be organized during the ISSA’s 90th anniversary year

High-level training opportunities for managers and experts, Regional Forums for social security leaders in Africa and the Americas and a focus on the future of social security in the digital economy are among the highlights of the new 2017 calendar of activities organized by the ISSA for its global membership.

The ISSA’s flagship Centre for Excellence will enter a new phase of development following three years of dynamic activity and growth. The priority will remain on extending the unique knowledge base available to ISSA members, and on enhancing the series of Guidelines covering key areas of social security administration, including new guidelines on preventing and combatting fraud and error.

The ISSA Recognition programme, which was piloted in 2016 and offers organizations an opportunity to measure their application of international professional standards in social security administration and be recognized for their administrative excellence, will be opened to all member institutions.

The ISSA will continue to monitor and analyse critical developments shaping social security systems, with a particular focus on innovation. Building on the ground-breaking report on 10 global challenges for social security presented at the World Social Security Forum in 2016, the ISSA will develop its research and analysis around the top challenges facing social security today – and in the future.

ISSA Academy 2017: Platforms for learning and exchange

The ISSA Academy programme for 2017 will be the most ambitious to date, with a range of practical workshops on key areas of administration with renowned experts, as well as high-level diploma training courses on the ISSA Guidelines in partnership with specialized training centres in diverse world regions.

The Academy provides social security managers with unique international human resource development, capacity-building and exchange opportunities, with direct practical application to resolving problems and challenges in their home institutions. The Academy diploma training programme is carried out in partnership with a group of world-class training partners with a specific regional focus.

ISSA at 90! 1927-2017

The ISSA will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2017. As in 1927, the ISSA continues to focus on how social security can respond effectively to new challenges and developments in society and the economy. To mark this important date, the ISSA Bureau will convene a symposium on social security and the digital economy, involving members, experts and international partners. Throughout the year, the ISSA will be making images and texts from its remarkable history available to members on the ISSA website and via social media channels.

The ISSA programme in 2017 in numbers…

334 member organizations
158 countries
90 years of service to social security administration
18 Academy workshops
12+ Academy diploma training courses
2 Regional Social Security Forums
1 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

…and much, much more!

Vision Zero: World Congress on Safety and Health, September 2017

The XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work – Global Forum for Prevention will take place in Singapore, from 3 to 6 September 2017. The Congress, which is the largest specialist event for occupational safety and health professionals, will be co-organized by the ISSA with the International Labour Organization and hosted by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The ISSA is preparing a global campaign to mobilize support and engagement for the Vision Zero strategy, which seeks to build a prevention culture without serious injuries or fatalities at work. The campaign, developed in collaboration with the ISSA Special Commission for Prevention, will be launched at the World Congress.

Another highlight of the World Congress will be the International Media Festival for Prevention, which will feature health and safety film and media productions from around the world, and which is organized by the ISSA International Sections on Prevention.

Regional Social Security Forums 2017: Africa and Americas

Two Regional Social Security Forums will take place late in the year. The Regional Social Security Forum for Africa will be held in Ethiopia, 23 to 25 October, and the Regional Social Security Forum for the Americas will be organized in Uruguay, 22 to 24 November. Regional Forums for Asia and the Pacific, and for Europe, will be held later in the triennium. Full details of these essential events for member social security institutions in these regions will be announced shortly.

Further details on all the ISSA programme and activities will be communicated regularly to ISSA members. Please consult the ISSA website for regular updates and further information about how to get involved and benefit from the global ISSA community.

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