ISSA and the extension of social security coverage

ISSA Bureau to study the extension of social security coverage.

In an effort to address the issue of extension of social security coverage, the ISSA Bureau has decided to organize two back-to-back events on the occasion of its 98th meeting to be held on 15 October in Geneva, Switzerland.

A one-day Technical Seminar on the Extension of Social Security Coverage is scheduled for 16 October 2008, with the objective of soliciting the opinions of the major international organizations on the role of the ISSA and its members in extending social security coverage. Although participation in the seminar is restricted to members of the Bureau and the Task Force, the outcomes will be reported to keep ISSA members and partners aware of developments.

The day following the seminar, the ISSA Task Force on the Extension of Coverage, chaired by Professor Carmelo Mesa-Lago (pictured), will meet for the first time to discuss the outcomes of the technical seminar and define the value that the ISSA and its members can add to meeting this challenge.

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