ILO publishes new World Social Protection Report 2017-2019

© Pierre Holtz / UNICEF

45 per cent of the global population is now covered by at least one social benefit while 55 per cent are still left unprotected, says the new World Social Protection Report 2017‑2019 report just published by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Looking at different social protection trends following a life-cycle approach, the report provides the most comprehensive global information on social protection coverage for different benefits and regions. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the report highlights that universal social protection contributes to eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, promoting economic growth and social justice.

The data and analysis contained in the report also demonstrate that the ten global challenges for social security identified by the ISSA are highly relevant and require innovative responses. The ISSA is privileged to have been able to contribute to the World Social Protection Report through the unique global data on social security schemes included in the ISSA country profiles.


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