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ICT Conference in Casablanca: The future is already here!

Discussions on how to reshape social security administration and service delivery with new ICT solutions were the focus of the 15th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security, which took place in Casablanca, 18–20 April 2018, attracting 450 participants from 90 countries and 137 institutions. The Conference demonstrated that emerging technologies are already widely in use to improve services to citizens.

Social security institutions are among the biggest managers of information and communication technology (ICT) worldwide, and the solutions they develop and use have a great impact on the daily lives of billions of citizens. Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, blockchain technology, Big Data analytics and e-services were some of the buzzwords at the conference. These are not just futuristic concepts, but technologies already widely in use, helping social security institutions provide more effective services and solutions.

Key messages from the conference were:

  • ICT development is vital for social security and therefore a leadership responsibility.
  • Data is a key enabler of social security design and delivery.
  • Emerging technologies are being readily adopted.
  • The protection of personal data and cybersecurity are increasingly important issues, not least to build trust.

Many practical examples of ICT application presented at the conference can be consulted on the ISSA web portal. These demonstrate how technology is used as a facilitating factor not only for strengthening efficiency and service quality, but also for policy reforms and enhancing social security coverage.

An ICT Industry Forum was held to enhance the dialogue between social security administrations and business. Finally, the ISSA launched a new LinkedIn group for ISSA members to continue the discussions and exchanges on ICT and social security online – see ISSA ICT in Social Security.

The ISSA wishes to express its gratitude to the National Social Security Fund of Morocco (CNSS), which hosted the event in partnership with the Collective Scheme for Retirement Allowances (RCAR); Deposit and Management Fund (CDG); Interprofessional Retirement Fund (CIMR); National Sickness Insurance Agency (ANAM); and the Pension Fund of Morocco (CMR).


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