ICT as a strategic management tool

The management of information and communication technology projects in European social security.

The management of information and communication technology projects in European social security organizations, especially in countries in transition, was the focus of a Technical Seminar held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 2-3 October 2008.

The seminar, organized by the International Social Security Association's Technical Commission on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), aimed to generate new knowledge and understanding of how social security organizations might improve their strategic management and performance through the astute use of ICT.  

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, the ISSA Treasurer, Mr. Wim Franssen, underlined that the seminar was taking place during a global financial crisis which demonstrated the importance of information and communication tools, both in terms of the diffusion of information and of potential solutions to the crisis.  

"Information and communication technology issues are among the most important that social security organizations face today. Those of us working on social security have to cope with the twin challenges of social change and technological progress. In response to changing public expectations and to the complexity of public needs, organizations delivering social security must embrace transformation initiatives," he said.  

The seminar was held in collaboration with the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Mr. Salim Muslumov, Chairman of the Fund (pictured), welcomed the participants, and outlined the significant technological developments in social security services taking place in the country.

Representing the authorities of Azerbaijan at the event were Mr. Mehman Taghiyev, Head of Social Policy Issues Division at the Presidential Office, and Mr. Hadi Rajabli, Chair of the Permanent Commission on Social Policy of the Parliament of Azerbaijan.  

By featuring case studies on three main areas: ICT as a support of the organization; ICT and the strategic impact on global management; and ICT and transformation of social security; the seminar analyzed how ICT contributes to the overall management strategy of organizations.    





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