ISSA Technical Seminar

IEN Technical Seminar on mobility and mobility-related fraud

16 – 17 November 2017 Warsaw, Poland

The ISSA European Network (IEN) will organize a Technical Seminar on mobility and mobility-related fraud from 16 to 17 November 2017 in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by the Social Insurance Institution (Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych - ZUS).


The mobility of workers is increasing continuously, making it one of the main global challenges for social security. It is largely induced by the labour markets’ needs and challenges and is facilitated by technological advances. This is why the number of internal and international migrants is estimated to exceed one billion worldwide.

The mobility of workers creates administrative challenges and increases the risk of an inadequate coverage. It also allows some workers or companies to take advantage of the differences between social security schemes or wages between countries. Therefore, collaboration between social security institutions at an international level is of crucial importance.

This technical seminar will address the main issues related to mobility and mobility-related fraud and allow members to analyse this problem and discuss potential solutions.


The technical seminar will focus on the search for innovative solutions and the exchange of experiences in the following areas:

  • Posted workers and virtual migration

    Given the differences in contributions between countries, some companies base themselves in countries where the contributions are lower and use posted workers to avoid paying contributions in the country where the activity actually takes place. How do the institutions detect such cases, and which tools do they use to fight such practices?
  • Posted workers and wages issue

    Given the wage differences between countries, some companies based in countries with higher wages only employ posted workers from countries with lower wages, thus avoiding paying minimum wages. How do the institutions detect such cases, and which tools do they use to fight against such practices?
  • Contribution optimisation and evasion

    Some employers are looking for ways to optimize their costs by reducing the amount of contributions they have to pay, therefore creating an outflow of contributions in some countries. What factors enable such strategies and what are the consequences for the various stakeholders? How could the institutions combat such cases?
  • Benefits fraud

    What are the most common types of fraud regarding benefits from an international perspective, and how can social security organizations detect and combat them? What measures have the institutions taken and what impact did those have?
  • Coordination of social security regulations

    Which experience do the various institutions have with European regulations and the exchange of information between countries? How could they reinforce their collaboration and coordination?

The Technical Seminar is open to ISSA member organizations from the European region and invited participants only. The working languages will be English and Polish.

Further information about provisional agenda, registration and accommodation will be soon available on this website.

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