IEN Technical Seminar on data exchange in social security

29 – 30 November 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

The ISSA European Network (IEN) is organizing a Technical Seminar on the topic of data exchange in social security, from 29 to 30 November 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) of Bulgaria.

Increased mobility of workers, their families and pensioners means that social security institutions are increasingly facing situations with international aspects to them. Therefore, they need to collaborate ever more closely and exchange an important number of information to ensure an adequate coverage and the portability of benefits.

This exchange of data requires the definition of specific forms and standards as well as harmonized technical solutions. It also raises the question of personal data protection and data security.

This seminar will continue the discussion on mobility initiated in previous seminars, by addressing these issues and focussing on the European Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI), data exchange with non-EU countries, personal data protection and the new European directive (GDPR). It will also be the opportunity to look for new ways and standards for the exchange of data, potentially with the help of a unified social security number, the blockchain technology as well as a new tool developed by the ISSA.

The seminar is open to ISSA member organizations from the European region. The working language will be English and Bulgarian. Simultaneous interpretation in these languages will be provided.

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