Seminar for ISSA Regional Officers

19 – 21 September 2017 Geneva, Switzerland

The Seminar for the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Regional Officers (Liaison, Focal Point and Regional Network Officers) will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 19 to 21 September 2017.

The Regional Structures of the ISSA play a central and crucial role in the implementation of the ISSA’s programme of activities.

The objective of this Seminar is to strengthen the links between Regional Officers and the ISSA General Secretariat, to discuss the roles and responsibilities, as well as the activities, priorities and new developments for the current triennium. The Seminar will also focus on the presentation and training on new ISSA tools that will be made available to regional offices.

This meeting is also an excellent opportunity for team building, networking and information sharing. This is why a large part of this Seminar will be dedicated to exchanges between the participants.

For the main sessions of this Seminar, English, French and Spanish interpretation will be provided.


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