International Seminar on error, evasion and fraud in social security

13 – 15 November 2018 Madrid, Spain

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) is organizing an International Seminar on error, evasion and fraud in social security, at the invitation of the Spanish General Social Security Treasury (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social) and in collaboration with the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social). The International Seminar will take place in Madrid from 13 to 15 November 2018.

Combating error, evasion and fraud is an essential function for social security systems. In addition to its importance for the financial equilibrium of social security schemes, the implementation of an efficient system to combat these phenomena, underpinned by an effective technical, regulatory and legislative arsenal, is one of the requirements for extending the rate of coverage of populations. Administrative error, social security fraud and increasing social security evasion have negative effects on the level of protection provided by member schemes, as well as on their political legitimacy and financial stability. Adherence to obligations and a high level of compliance must therefore be one of the priority objectives for the social security institutions in charge of scheme management.

This International Seminar will address the main issues to do with the implementation of compliance measures in this area. In addition, the International Seminar will aim to take stock of the methods that need to be developed in order to combat the various types of fraud practiced against social security systems, from simple forms of fraud which are regularly observed to the increasing development of complex business constructs aimed at evading the payment of the correct contributions or misleading the administration in the calculation of the payments due.

The International Seminar programme will be organized around three main themes:

  • The “horizontal” issues for all branches raised by error, evasion and fraud, including a presentation of the ISSA Guidelines in this area.
  • The fight against fraud and automated control techniques. This theme will provide an opportunity to present new tools based on innovative information and communication technologies.
  • The prevention and control of fraud per area of cover. Best practices in this area will be reviewed, particularly those illustrating the benefits of greater collaboration in efforts to combat fraud between those working in contribution collection and those responsible for the payment of benefits.

The International Seminar’s conclusions and the papers presented at it will also contribute to the finalization of the ISSA Guidelines on Error, Evasion and Fraud to be published in October 2019 after approval by the World Social Security Forum.

The International Seminar will take place at:

Centro de Formación de Pozuelo de Alarcón
Carretera Carabanchel a Aravaca, 91
ES-28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

The International Seminar is open to all ISSA members. The working languages will be English, French and Spanish and simultaneous interpretation in these languages will be provided.

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