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International workshop "Gases under pressure"

20 – 21 June 2012 Frankfurt, Germany
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An international workshop “Gases under pressure” will take place during ACHEMA on June 20th and 21st 2012. There will be expert speakers from the industry, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the accident insurances, various authorities and the fire department. The workshop offers all interested persons an international framework for vivid discussion and exchange in Frankfurt. Take the opportunity to get an up-to-date overview about gases under pressure.

Why is the ISSA involved in “Gases under pressure”?

In many industrial sectors gases under pressure are manufactured, stored, transported, handled and used in various types. This leads to different hazards caused by the special properties of the given substance class in particular its physical property of the increased pressure. Furthermore the health of employees can be endangered for example by the hazards of toxic gases, by working under overpressure or by oxygen deficiency.

Who is the target group?

In order to assess these hazards properly and to define the adequate safeguards, an extensive risk analysis is required. Also, important conclusions for prevention can be derived from accidents and near misses.

At this workshop the current legal requirements, their practical application as well as new aspects of safety engineering will be presented.
The ISSA Chemistry Section intends to address

  • responsible persons in manufacturing and operation,
  • safety engineers,
  • inspectors of insurance institutions and government,
  • experts and
  • employees and employers as well as their representatives.

All the lectures and discussions will be simultaneously translated into German, English and French.

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