ISSA prevention event

International Media Festival for Prevention

24 – 27 August 2014 Frankfurt, Germany

The International Media Festival for Prevention offers an overview of films and multimedia productions from all over the world and provides an opportunity for participants to present their projects to a major group of influential international safety and health professionals.

Record participation in International Media Festival for Prevention

290 submissions from 33 countries are set to make 2014 a record-breaking year for the International Media Festival for Prevention! The 2014 World Congress therefore offers you a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of prevention media from around the world.

Films and multimedia applications are an important instrument in the field of occupational safety and health. From hazard awareness to complex safety issues, moving pictures and interactive media are an ideal means of supporting the knowledge transfer process.

Viewing patterns and technical possibilities are constantly changing, and anyone who produces media content therefore needs to keep up to date. We invite you to take advantage of this event within the framework of the World Congress 2014, and let yourself be inspired by a fascinating range of international media content! The Media Festival is not just a unique platform for the exchange of ideas. It also offers you an excellent opportunity to make contact with creatives and find out more about the production, targeted use and impact of a variety of different media.

The best media productions will be presented with the International Media Award for Prevention. The award-winners will be selected by an international jury. The list of nominated contributions will be available along with additional information from early June onwards at

Prizes will be awarded during the Special Media Session scheduled for 09:00-10:00 on Monday 25 August 2014. The session focuses on the theme of "Media as an Element of Prevention", and is a must for anyone aiming to use visual means to make an impression in the fields of OSH and health protection.

Selected productions will be presented at special locations throughout the Congress, and will offer a blend of information on the respective projects and interviews with filmmakers and producers – as well as discussions with members of the viewing audience.

Special Media Session

The Special Media Session on the topic of "Media in Prevention" (Monday, August 25, 0900 - 1000) is a must for anyone who aims to achieve convincing visual communication in the field of OSH. True to the motto "Media can", animations, selected productions from around the world and the voices of clients and creatives alike will be used to illustrate why media is a vital part of e ective OSH and what it can achieve. From the world-famous cartoon character Napo to the Swedish online learning platform bä, the Special Media Session will demonstrate the many ways in which prevention messages can be communicated to a variety of target groups within companies. The highlight of the Special Media Session will be the honouring of the International Media Festival for Prevention's six award-winners.

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