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IX SISE International Symposium on Electrical Safety

6 – 07 June 2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina

This year sees the 9th version of the International Symposium on Electrical Safety to be celebrated in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina on 6 and 7 June 2017. It is hosted by CACIER, the Argentinian Committee of CIER, IATES (Argentinian Institute of Technical, Economic and Social Studies) and the ISSA Electricity Section. The International Symposium on Electrical Safety is a scientific event that aims to improve the quality of work of professionals in the electricity sector.

The Symposium will look into topics such as:

  • The global vision of OSH
  • OSH management for a reliable supply of electricity
  • Impact of the new generation
  • Electrical standardization
  • Etc.

The Symposium is designed for professionals of the electrical industry, persons responsible for risk prevention, members of joint committees of hygiene and safety, as well as occupational health and safety experts, officers, advisers and managers. The aim of SISE is to share the latest innovations and best practices in electrical safety at international level.

For further information please visit the website of CACIER or contact

Event venue: auditorium of I.A.E.T.E.S. – San José 225/243C.A.B.A., Argentina

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