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13th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security

17 – 20 April 2012 Brasilia, Brazil
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"ICT as a cornerstone of integrated and citizen-centred social security"

The 13th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Social Security will take place in Brasilia, Brazil, 17-20 April 2012. The triennial Conference is organized by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and hosted by Dataprev.

The context

Social security schemes have had to adapt to important economic, legislative and societal changes over recent decades, and to new demands brought by the financial crisis. Social security institutions are increasingly asked to extend large-scale programmes and to provide comprehensive coverage to vulnerable population groups, which often require complex administrative tools.

Social security institutions have been at the forefront of client-oriented approaches to the use of new technologies and the integration of specific programmes, for example, to enable data exchange between different national agencies as well as operations resulting from international agreements. These new context and demands require social security organizations to further enhance the role of ICT in their operations.

The issues

The International Conference will address the key contribution of ICT to the implementation of large-scale social security programmes and the development of integrated, citizen-centred social security. The implementation of integrated programmes and services can pose significant technical challenges, and together with issues of system interoperability and compliance with data security and privacy regulations, can increase the complexity and cost of projects.

The ISSA’s project: ICT as enabler of social security policy and programme integration

The Steering Committee of the ISSA Technical Commission on Information and Communication Technology is giving priority to strategies that develop globally consistent, effective and efficient social policies and programmes. The Conference will provide an opportunity to evaluate first results of the project and to generate new outputs. This Conference will follow-up on the international conferences in Moscow (2005) and Seville (2009) which looked at ICT as a strategic management tool as well as its impact on the management and transformation of social security.

The programme

The overarching theme of the Conference will be ICT as a cornerstone of integrated and citizen-centred social security. Keynote speakers and expert panellists will analyse and debate a range of topics from diverse technical and regional perspectives, including:

  • ICT as an enabler of large-scale, integrated and cross-border social programmes.
  • Focus on technologies: Issues of interoperability, data security and privacy, standards and reference architectures, industry strategies and roadmaps.
  • ISSA products and services: ISSA strategies and guidelines to support member institutions and future perspectives and priorities.

The participants

The International Conference will be held under the auspices of the ISSA Technical Commission on Information and Communication Technology, and is aimed at ICT managers, experts and CEOs and senior staff of ISSA member social security institutions. The Conference will include contributions from industry professionals.

Practical information

The working languages of the Conference will be English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. To facilitate discussion, some sessions will be organized in small groups and workshops.

The Conference host

Dataprev is the information and communication technology agency of the Brazilian social insurance system, a leading public service provider with national and cross border experience of managing ICT solutions for social security.

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