Academy workshop: Administrative solutions for coverage extension and Contribution collection and compliance (focusing on difficult to cover groups)

24 – 26 July 2019 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Are you looking for effective measures that will increase the coverage among difficult to cover groups, in particular self-employed workers? Do you want to know how to improve the compliance and contribution collection taking into account the characteristics of difficult to cover groups?

To exchange experiences and solutions on these important issues, join this ISSA Academy workshop and tap into the expertise of the ISSA and its member organizations.

Guidelines: ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension and the ISSA Guidelines on Contribution Collection and Compliance.

Region: Open primarily to ISSA member organizations in the region of the Americas.

Language: English.

What are the goals of the workshop?
Using both the ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension and ISSA Guidelines on Contribution Collection and Compliance and under the supervision of an accredited expert, this workshop provides practical assistance to improve the coverage of the self-employed workers and other difficult to reach groups. During this workshop, various administrative measures that take into account the specificities of these categories of workers and that have been particularly effective in increasing coverage, will be discussed.

The participants will exchange knowledge and experiences during the two and half days of the workshop. Together with colleagues from different institutions and countries, you will explore solutions and strategies.

Who can participate?
This workshop provides practical hands-on support for senior managers, programme managers and senior experts who are involved in extension of coverage, design, implementation and evaluation of the contribution collection and compliance strategy of ISSA member organizations.  

How can you participate?
When you register, you will be asked to fill out the online form “Issues to be addressed”. In this form, you are asked to write down the challenges you and your organization are facing related to coverage extension/contribution collection and compliance. The content of the workshop will be shaped by the issues the participants provide.

During the workshop, the participants will develop key takeaway messages together with possible strategies. This approach enables the participants to develop ideas and measures to respond to the challenges outlined in their “Issues to be addressed” form.

Each member organization may send no more than two participants to the workshop. A workshop needs a minimum of 12 participants and will accommodate no more than 18 participants.


Costs for travel, accommodation and meals are to be covered by your institution.

ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension

The ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension are organized in six parts that encourage the institution to take a proactive role in extending coverage and outline internal and external key capacities to work towards the extension of coverage. The guidelines also cover communication strategies to outreach to difficult-to-cover groups and how to develop an effective registration system. The last part of the guidelines outlines the collection of contributions and the improvement of compliance.

ISSA Guidelines on Contribution Collection and Compliance

The ISSA Guidelines on Collection Contribution and Compliance provide reference points for the management of contribution collection and compliance activities in the institutions. The guidelines are intended to cover all the key components of a contribution collection and compliance system. Some are necessarily general, such as those covering the mission, strategy, communication, etc., and could be applied to other social security contexts. But others are quite specific to contribution collection and compliance:

  • A registration process;
  • A process for determining the liability of insured persons and their employers, and what contributions are due;
  • A validation process to ensure the correctness of the contributions paid;
  • A process to collect these contributions;
  • A process for recording contributions paid by a contributor over their lifetime, which can then be used by the benefit-paying authority to determine the amount of social security benefit due;
  • A risk-based approach for monitoring compliance and controlling fraud within these processes;
  • A debt management process for pursuing contributions where liabilities have not been met;
  • An enforcement process including law courts for collecting contributions due where the contributor or employer refuses to pay;
  • A set of operational processes which connects all these key elements and specifies the information flows between the different parts of the organization(s) involved.

The ISSA Academy

The ISSA Academy offers the member institutions capacity building and development opportunities for their professionals based on the ISSA Guidelines.

The ISSA Academy aims to improve and innovate the performance of the member institutions by using the ISSA Guidelines as references to benchmark their systems, methods and practices.  

The ISSA Academy consists of workshops, diploma training courses and tailor-made courses, all based on the ISSA Guidelines.

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