Academy workshop: Contribution collection and compliance

5 – 07 April 2017 New Delhi, India

How do you design, implement and continually innovate on the contribution collection and compliance strategy of your organization? Join the Academy workshop and tap into the expertise of the ISSA and its member organizations.

ISSA Guidelines: Contribution Collection and Compliance.

Region: Open primarily to ISSA member organizations in the Asia and Pacific region.

Language: English.

Who can participate:
Senior managers, programme managers and senior experts who are involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of the contribution collection and compliance strategy of ISSA member organizations.

How to participate:
Your organization should have started to implement the ISSA Guidelines on Contribution Collection and Compliance. To tailor the workshop to what you and your organization need, you will need to submit a statement of purpose endorsed by your organization, using the online form provided by the ISSA.

How many can participate:
A member organization may send no more than two participants to a workshop. A workshop needs a minimum of 12 participants and will accommodate no more than 18 in order to have sufficient depth, diversity and time for exchange.

Why Academy workshops are different:
The content of the workshop is shaped by the challenges in the statements of purpose of the participants. The workshop will focus on learning and identifying options and alternative strategies by means of moderated exchanges as well as targeted inputs by a high-level ISSA accredited expert. As a concrete outcome of the workshops, participants will prepare a summary of the key takeaway messages and collection of solutions of particular relevance to their institutions. This will enable participants, upon their return home, to develop plans and measures to respond to the challenges outlined in their statements of purpose.

Is there a fee for participating in ISSA Academy workshops?
ISSA Academy workshops are open to all member institutions without a registration fee. In accordance with the Association's practice, travel, accommodation and meals of participants are to be covered by their respective institutions.

ISSA Guidelines on Contribution Collection and Compliance

These processes constitute core functions within social security systems. They play a key role in attaining the financial sustainability of the overall system as well as in the extension of social coverage. The timely and full payment of contributions by and on behalf of insured persons is necessary if they are to achieve the benefits to which they are legally entitled. Therefore, compliance and a high collection rate must be key objectives for social security institutions administering contributory schemes. Where compliance gaps are identified, social security institutions can take actions to ensure that eligible people and their employers contribute to the system. Where there are specific administrative or transaction cost barriers to contribution collection, social security institutions can innovate and consider measures to overcome these barriers. As contribution collection and compliance often involve multiple institutions, process integration becomes a key issue to be addressed.

The ISSA Academy

The ISSA Academy provides practical training and hands-on support for social security administrations. The ISSA Academy workshops are a key element of the member support offered by the ISSA Centre for Excellence in Social Security Administration

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