Academy workshop: Actuarial work for social security

19 – 21 February 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

Join the second workshop on Actuarial Work for Social Security for Russian-speaking professionals.

Are you undertaking or supervising actuarial work within social security? Do you work or you plan to work with actuarial valuation, investment issues, operational control and risk management that need actuarial input?

To exchange experiences and solutions on these important issues, join this ISSA Academy workshop and tap into the expertise of the ISSA and its member organizations.

Guidelines: ISSA-ILO Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security

Region: Open to all Russian-speaking social security professionals from ISSA member organizations

Language: Russian

What are the goals of the workshop?
This workshop provides practical hands-on support for professionals of social security administrations related to actuarial work.

With the guidance of the ISSA-ILO Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security and under the supervision of an accredited expert, this workshop aims to promote good practices in actuarial work for social security institutions. This workshop supports institutions in their procedures relating to actuarial work. The participants will exchange knowledge and experiences during two and half days.

Together with colleagues from different institutions from different countries, you will explore solutions and strategies for your actuarial problems.

How can you participate?
When you register, you will be asked to fill out the online form “Issues to be addressed”. In this form, you are asked to write down the challenges you and your organization are facing related to actuarial issues. The content of the workshop will be shaped by the issues the participants provide.

During the workshop, the participants will develop key takeaway messages together with possible strategies. This approach enables the participants to develop ideas and measures to respond to the challenges outlined in their “Issues to be addressed” form. For those who attended the ISSA Academy workshop on Actuarial Work for Social Security in Moscow in December 2016, this workshop will provide the opportunity to further develop their key takeaway messages. They will be asked to share their experiences and progress made with the new participants.

Each member organization may send no more than two participants to the workshop. A workshop needs a minimum of 12 participants and will accommodate no more than 18 participants.


There is no registration fee. Costs for travel, accommodation and meals are to be covered by your institution.

ISSA-ILO Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security

The ISSA-ILO Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security are written for actuaries and other social security professionals undertaking actuarial work within social security. These Guidelines provide guidance to actuarial professionals in planning, managing, financing and providing social security benefits. A list of relevant issues is presented in the Guidelines including for example actuarial calculations, policy, supervision, reporting, management and communication.

The ISSA Academy

The ISSA Academy offers the member institutions capacity building and development opportunities for their professionals based on the ISSA Guidelines. The ISSA Guidelines are professional standards for social security administrations on 12 core areas within social security.

The ISSA Academy aims to improve and innovate the performance of the member institutions by helping their professionals to implement the ISSA Guidelines.

The ISSA Academy consists of workshops, diploma training courses and tailor-made courses, all based on the ISSA Guidelines.

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