Megatrends and social security

Social security systems can anticipate and influence global trends affecting societies and economies

Social security systems exist to respond to life-cycle risks, but the nature and magnitude of these risks will change over time, and will depend on the evolution of economic, social, demographic and environmental trends.

The ISSA is analysing how these external factors – or megatrends – will impact social security systems over the coming decades, and how social security administrations can anticipate and mitigate their impacts on society.

The ISSA has identified four key areas where megatrends will influence the context and demands on social security systems:

  • Transformation of labour markets
  • Climate change and natural resource scarcity
  • Demographic challenges
  • Family, gender and societal changes

With this project, the ISSA aims to identify dynamic and proactive social security measures that social security organizations can take to reduce the potentially negative effects of such trends.

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